'Containers For Change'

Turn your empty containers into a donation!

An opportunity to raise much needed funds for our charity.


Containers that can be returned are generally...

soft drink tins and bottles, water bottles, and small flavoured milk containers.

STEP 1.  Collect eligible containers.

STEP 2.  Find your nearest collection centre.

STEP 3.  Redeem containers for 10c ea & Quote our ID number C10072594 to donate.


Joint Logistics Unit

Supporters of 65 Roses Inc is privileged to have had Joint Logistics Unit (NQ) as our wonderful fundraising partner for 16 years.  Without their ongoing help we would not be able to provide the range of support and services that we do for the Cystic Fibrosis community. 

JLU (NQ) is a unit that provides significant logistics support to Defence units in North Queensland and is made up of both civilians and Australian Defence Force staff.  They have a strong reputation for providing quality logistic support in warehousing, distribution and maintenance.  When the unit was formed the Commanding Officer asked unit members to select a charity that they could support. At the time, the unit had two members whose families had been directly affected by Cystic Fibrosis, and the unit decided that ‘Supporters of 65 Roses Inc’ would become its “designated charity".



Presentation of donated fridges by JLU (NQ) to The Townsville Hospital Children's Unit for use by patients with cystic fibrosis.


JLU (NQ) hosts a Morning Tea every two weeks, and gold coin donations are collected to fundraise for our cause.  We are often invited along to join in their morning teas, and they have always made us feel welcome.  The unit members have been inspired by the courage and resilience that has been shown by young people with CF.  They are interested to hear about how their support has helped, how they cope with CF, and of their hopes and dreams.  These visits have been a motivating factor for the unit to continue with their fundraising and support for our charity. 

Currently the unit also holds other fund raising activities, such as raffles and sausage sizzles, and the money raised through these activities is used to purchase specialised respiratory and physiotherapy equipment, and the procurement of other items as recommended by our charity. 


JLU (NQ) has also made a significant contribution towards promoting awareness of Cystic Fibrosis in the local community.  They have achieved this by adopting our red and white polo shirt with the ‘65 Roses’ logo and the words ‘Cystic Fibrosis’ and wearing them at fundraising events.  This polo shirt is their Friday uniform, and unit members are often seen wearing these bright red and white shirts.

In the past JLU (NQ) organised 2 very successful walkathons called ‘Walk Because You Can’.  They were held in public walking areas, over an 8 hour period.  These events provided significant donations and a valuable opportunity to promote awareness of CF.  They attracted media attention, with stories reported in the Northern Services Courier as well as the Townsville Bulletin.

Thank you

Supporters of 65 Roses Inc is proud to be associated with JLU (NQ), and we are very grateful for the significant contribution they have made to our charity over many years.  We sincerely thank JLU (NQ) for their ongoing commitment to fundraise for local families affected by Cystic Fibrosis.

 Joint Logistic Unit NQ